Sublimation Blanket

Sublimation Blanket

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Sublimation, light weight, plush, Velvet, soft feel.

Product Name

PANEL approximately 60″ x 40″ Throw Blanket

Printing Material

Plush/ Velvet


Blank / White


Approximately 60″ x 40″, each panel size varies

Grade A+++ High quality

Printing Method

365 degrees F for 60 Seconds is recommended. You may need to adjust your time and temp for your press.

Washable – Reusable

Every person has a slightly different technique so please do what works for you!
I do 6 @ 5.5" by 4.375" and 8 @ 4.375" by 5.375. This is slightly larger than the squares.
Each blanket can vary slightly so please remeasure!!! A tip would be to print your images SLIGHTLY larger (1/4"only, so 1/8" on each side) than you measure and press. The black border tends to hide any overprint.